2. Baaaaaa.

  3. Dublin’s skyline early this morning.

  4. Florence at sunset on my trip a couple of weeks ago. Love it there.

  5. wonderfulmachine:


    Photo by Tom Parker/United Kingdom. Image selected for the Renaissance Photography Award show.

  6. Florence & The Machine

  7. Life’s really tough right now… #Milan anywhere I should go/any recommendations?

  8. indiahobson:

    Navigation? I’m finding I like more and more graphical things. Lines. Maps.


    Airport Runway Screenprints / Jerome Daksiewicz

    - Self-initiated screenprint project featuring runway patterns from airports around the world.

    Screenprinted line drawings of airports around the world. Neat and simple.

  9. Quadbiking at #wintercamp #iScout

  10. from a catalogue shoot.